NULid™: Universal Silicone Food Cover Lids



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Leakproof, Temperature Resistant, Microwave Safe and just downright cool, the NULid will securely and safely cover all your food contains, cups, plates, food items and more.

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Material:Food Grade Silicone
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NULid Reusable Microwave Safe Silicone

Cover Everything!

Made from food-safe BPA-free and eco-friendly silicone, The NULid will securely cover leftover plates and cups of liquids left in the fridge to name a few.

The silicone creates a water-tight lid (see video) keeping your food items fresh and spillproof.

The perfect substitute for plastic / saran wrap. The NULid can be reused multiple times. It is strong enough to put in boiling water and be perfectly ok.


Leak Proof Once Sealed

Stretch to Fit!

Each pack contains 6 lids that can stretch and fit anything up to 20% of the original sizes. Fitting most standard plates, pots, and containers. From 3 inches to 11.

The NULid is microwave safe, odor-free, and entirely food safe. Temperature resistance from -40℉ to 400℉.

Super Strong and Durable

Its Microwave Safe

Vent the NULid cover when using in the microwave to allow heat to escape

How It Works

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The NUSpoon is created to be the perfect soup or stew spoon!

Its made of wheat straw (a byproduct of wheat processing) which is one of the latest 100% natural, eco-friendly, BPA-free alternatives to plastic. It can be used in the microwave, freezer, and other extreme temperatures; same as plastic.

The NUSpoon unique design allows you to separate, pour and scoop easily with just one utensil.

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What is it made of?

The NULid is made of durable Eco-friendly Silicone.

How do I ensure that the NULid will form a tight seal?
  1. Of course, a certain amount of stretching is required to package the product completely and tightly. To form adsorption and sealing effect.
  2. Ensure the container to be sealed is cleaned where the NULid is attached.