Smart Notebook For Writers: Keep Digital Written Notes With Reusable Notepad Lined & Dotted

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Reusable over 500 times, Scannable and Water resistant, this smart Notebook / Notepad will be the last book you need! Save Trees while saving time.
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Included:1x Smart Pen ,1x cleaning cloth, 1x Smart Writer’s NotePad
Sizes:A5, B5, A7
Reusability:500 + times

Smart Writer Notebook sizing chart

What You Get

what you get

Imagine a world where all your handwritten notes can be scanned and reused. Also, only needing to write in one (1) durable, reusable smart notebook; whereas normally you would normally use hundreds.

Now you can! With our smart reusable writing notepad!

A smart writing notepad is suitable for teachers, students, and writing professionals. Save tress, stress, and be more organized, all at once! Additionally, digitize all your notes and categorize them using the free app.

While the pages of the notepad are not refillable they are reusable and made of more than plain paper. A poly-coated sheet ensures durability for 100s of reuses and waterproofing. This writer’s notebook ensures long-lasting reuse for many if not all the phases of your writing journey.

Writers NoteBook Description

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Writers Notepad FAQ

Digital Smart NoteBook for Writers

reuseable notepad for writing professionals

Included – 1x Erase Pen, 1x Cleaning Cloth, and 1x Smart Writing Notepad.

Dash and dotted lines on each page turn for various applications.

Predetermined day and date selector at top of the page. Making this the perfect notebook for documenting and recording by date.

Pages are made of a smart polymer which allows for smart erasability of your writing pad but only when you want to erase.

Durable and Erasable Smart NoteBook

Rated for over 500 drawings or writing erases per notebook page! Pages are made to last unlike standard notebooks/notepads

How to Erase?

Use a damp clean cloth to erase.

Or use the Pen eraser.

Or use heat from a hairdryer.

smart writers notebook
smart notebook
smart writers notepad app

Create Digital Notes

Scan your notepad writing using our mobile app by simply taking a picture.

Automatically crop and rotate scans.

Convert scanned writing into editable text using OCR.

Sync with multiple apps like DropBox, Evernote, Mail, iCloud, etc.

Tag important documents for easy access later.

writers notebook
smart notepad


Always use a clean cloth to erase your notepad to avoid staining and increase longevity

Have an extra smart writer’s notepad on standby in case one gets filled faster than expected and pages were not scanned.

Smart Professionals Writer’s NotePad Specifications
  • B5 Pages: 60 pages
  • A5 Pages: 100 pages
  • Reusability: 500 times
  • Included: Smart Writer’s NoteBook, Erasable Pen, Erasing cloth
  • Smart water resistant paper.
  • Estimated saves over 500 pages


Can I use regular pens on my new reusable notebook

In addition to the pens included with your smart notebook, you may also purchase separately pilot frixion pens.

How do I clean a reusable notebook?

Just use a damp cloth or a heat source like a blow drier to erase your smart notebook pages and keep writing!

This is a smart notebook does it require a battery?

NO batteries are required! Just make sure your phone has a charge when scanning your professional writing

How many times can I erase my notebook?

We’ve seen use cases where our smart notebooks last much longer than the rated 500 erases. But around 500 reuses per page is estimated.

How many pages per book

The A5 has 100 pages and the B5 has 60 pages. See the sizes above.

32 reviews for Smart Notebook For Writers: Keep Digital Written Notes With Reusable Notepad Lined & Dotted

  1. Bryan

    Like it

    Very handy

  2. Amazon Customer


    I love this notebook. I wish it was a little bigger in regards to the shape and number of pages. However, I was able to find a bag that fit the notebook in it so it makes it easy to travel with.

  3. Cathy

    Great size

    Great for the gym to write down workouts

    One person found this helpful

  4. Bryan

    Great doesn’t take much space in our packet

    Perfect for on the go note taking

  5. TwinklyPuff

    Great erasable notebook

    I love these little notebooks because they save on wasting paper and they are so handy to have around. I use them for my business when I have ideas or have to write something down. It is easily erasable and really fun to have around.

  6. Angela Friday Benfield


    Great product. I use it for work.

  7. Dom


    Lo trovo comodissimo, sopratutto il fatto di poterlo riutilizzare quesì all’infinito, unico neo chi ha una calligrafia troppo marcata è pesante, ci mette un po’ per ripulire una pagina.

  8. Vanessa

    Dimensions size.

    I disliked that the dimensions of this product was not made clear before I purchased.

  9. Gina

    I never lose an idea with this book

    I love it!

  10. Nikki

    Pretty cool

    Cool little notepad with dry erase markets. Each page has a cover so it doesn’t get erased

    3 people found this helpful


    Wonderful Product

    Great product! Keeps me organized and ‘green’ at the same time! Useful and practical!

  12. TT

    Writing can be saved

    I bought this a year ago, and it still good. It fits in my purse just fine and it’s very handy to me. I appreciate the clear pages between the boards so I can save my messages when I write ahead of time (speech impairment). The cloth is helpful for the fact that the erasers break easily, plus it erases better if I forget to erase something. I recommend this product.

  13. Judy L. Wysong

    Reusable and easy to clean

    This is a good notebook if you plan to have one that you can reuse pages over and over again.There are a decent amount of pages and a variety, maybe it’s also a good tool for anyone who takes a lot of notes or uses a planner.Using the blow dryer is convenient to clean the writing.

  14. Mickey

    Perfect size

    Perfect Easter gift for my 14 yr old granddaughter. Being on a nationally ranked swim team, she said it was the perfect size to throw in her swim bag & take with her to record her times at her swim meets.

  15. Layne J

    Love it

    I love this notebook. The apps it recommends for converting to PDFs are easy to use. The notebook erases amazingly well. The tabs however, do not. It’s a hot mess. If you want to just use the tabs for sectioning out, they’re great. 

  16. RFC

    Way better than Rocket Book!

    I have notebooks from Rocketbook, Elfinbook, and this company. This is like Elfinbook for about half the price. Rocket book is terrible IMHO. When you write the ink doesn’t grip and is more like writing on plastic. I even bought markers and that helped a little, but the writing feel is much better with and this one.

  17. JazzUp

    Great Pad! Great price!

    You get a lots of pages in the pad unlike some other brands.

  18. lou


    I love this notebook. It’s exactly what I was looking for, for my work. I hated wasting paper for the calls I recorded, which I had to shred for privacy reasons. I got memo size. I thought it’s a bit bigger and was worried that it won’t work for me. BUT it’s excellent for my small desk space and I can write as much as I want and erase. Write and erase. So this little notebook is actually perrrrfeeeecttt!!! I am really loving using it. This is one of the best purchases I made!!! Highly recommend!

  19. crowhere

    Where has this been?!

    Love it. Zero complaints.

  20. Yeli V

    Well worth it

    Recently, caught a strong case of smart-reusable-notebook fever. I own several name-brand Rocketbooks and this tiny notepad is a bargain I can wholeheartedly recommend. Again, you cannot go wrong with this purchase. High value. Eco-friendly & sustainable. Comfortably fits inside medium-large pockets. So handy. Knowing I can pull out this little helper anytime throughout the day gives me peace of mind. 

  21. Tiffany

    Reusable notebook

    I was really looking forward to this notebook. I love the fact that I can reuse and not waste paper. I love the variety of different sheets, it helps keep me organized. It erases like magic; it’s really cool and I don’t have to worry about the rubber disappearing. 

  22. Sonya Griffin

    Serves the purpose of keeping a To Do list

    I use this at work to record my to do list. I didn’t realize it was as small as it is but it serves the purpose.

  23. KindLeigh


    I love these notebooks. It makes me so happy to be saving paper.

  24. Sylvia

    Great product

    Works great

  25. Beauty broken

    Best thing ever!!!

    This has got to be the best invention ever!! I go through so many sticky notes, writing down things then throwing away. This saves so much money! It’s portable so I use for grocery lists. Editing to add that after more time using it I’d like to add the following observations. They do come in different sizes, but this one fits in my purse. It also fits in my military spouse’s uniform pocket easily.3. There are pen holders that you can buy to put on the book, allowing it to accompany more than just one pen. 

  26. Tiffany

    Whiteboard notebook

    Just what I need, perfect for on the go. Like that it has transparent sheets too.

  27. Virginia R.

    Does what I need it to do

    Good size, easy to write on. Has translucent protector sheets between pages so the writing doesn’t get smudged when you close the notebook. Erases well.

  28. Ayes

    Convenient and Environmentally friendly

    Reusable. Note pad size bought. Easy to write lists and throw in bag to take with.Easy to use for notes during calls. No worries about confidentiality because erases with paper, heat, or eraser. Multiple pages for use. Convenient for shopping list, messages, reminders. Etc.

  29. Renzo S.



  30. Daisy

    Great product

    I’m complimented on this everytime I pull out and use

    3 people found this helpful

  31. Brian M. Edwards

    Very Useful

    This is a very useful notebook. I had to buy a self adhesive pen holder to make this complete but other that than its very handy.The included pen writes well (once you remove the protective tip) and the quality overall is good.The ink dries quickly and can be erased with the eraser on the pen or I found a damp cloth works jus as well. I also found that Microsoft Lens works well to scan and save pages. Notes is also very good on Ipad Pro. Some of the “free” scanning apps will try to coerce you into paying for a subscription so be careful. Notes and Lens will not….This is my new carry around notebook and I am very pleased with it.

    One person found this helpful


    A must…

    Its compact, easy to clean and great for multiple projects…

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