NUPlug™: Universal Rubber Drain Plug and Hair Catcher (2 Pack)


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No hassle install and one flexible size fits all! The NUPlug Silicon Drain traps hair, food and other drain blocking contaminants from clogging your system. Easy to remove and clean when necessary.

Size: 10 * 10.5 cm
Material:TPR material (like Silicone)
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NUPlug TPR Drain Plug!

Save Space!

  • Filters: Traps hair, food and other unsightly or drain blocking materials keeping your drain clear always!
  • Functional: Designed with a spiral drain to allow water to natrally drain faster than other knockoffs.
  • Strong: Durable TPR rated for thousands of washes and reuses.
  • Flexible: Conforms to unique drain types while still remianing flush to the sink surface.

Fits most Drains

Lightweight and colorful the NUPlug fits most standard drain sizes. Can be used in the bathroom kitchen, washroom, or even an outdoor sink.

Simple DIY Install

Just unwrap and place it on the drain with a light squeeze! It is that simple.

Press the plug once to stop water then press again to allow water through. Spiral design helps water drain faster when draining.


What is it made of?

It looks like rubber but the NUPlug is made of silicone (a more durable and stronger material than rubber).

What size faucet can this fit?

Fits any drain less than 9cm by 9.5 cm. It fits kitchen drains, bath sink and bathtub drains.

How many am I getting?

There are 4 per pack.