Medical Smart NotePad For Doctors and Nurses! Digitize Note With Doctor Notepads Reusable NoteBook

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Reusable over 500 times, Scannable and water resistant. This Smart Notepad / Notebook will be the last book you'll need! Save trees while saving time.
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Included:1x Pen (we also recommend use Pilot Frixion Pens) ,1x cleaning cloth, 1x Medical Smart NotePad
Sizes:A5, B5, A7
Reusability:500 + times

Smart notebook sizing chart

What You Get

what you get
Smart NotePad Details
  • B5 Pages: 60 pages
  • A5 Pages: 100 pages
  • Reusability: 500 times
  • Included Smart Doctor NotePads, Erasable Pen
  • Smart water resistant paper.
  • Estimated saves over 500 pages
medical notebook

Save trees and reduce stress while also saving lives and being more organized!

Introducing a reusable notebook suitable for doctors, nurses, or any physician in the medical profession. Save all of your patient notes using our erasable notepads. The use of this type of notepad is not limited to a Doctor but anyone who takes a multitude of notes daily.

No need to use abrasion like rubbers or ink out. Just scan your notes then wipe with a clean damp cloth, and your notebook will be ready to use again. Our Doctors Notepad can be reused 100s of times with the fear of damage or fading. A Physician can fill the notepad, then digitize notes with tags or even use OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Then erase and go again to ensure even wear on all the pages and extend the life of your reusable notepads to its maximum.

Doctor Notepads Faq

Doctor’s Notepad Features

Doctor Notepad Sizes

Medical NotePad for Doctors & Nurses

smart doctors notepad


Included – 1x Erase Pen, 1x Cleaning Cloth, and 1x Smart Notepad.

Dash and Dotted lines on each page turn for various applications.

Predetermined Day and Date selector at top of the page. Making this the perfect medical notebook for Doctors

Pages are made of a smart polymer which allows for smart erasability but only when you want to erase.

Durable and Erasable Smart Pages

Rated for over 500 erases per page!

How to Erase?

  • Use a damp clean cloth to erase.
  • The Pen eraser.
  • Heat from a hairdryer.
smart notebook
Doctor Notepad

Smart Doctor Notepad App

  • Scan pages using our mobile app by simply taking a picture.
  • Automatically crop and rotate scans.
  • Convert scanned pages to editable text.
  • Sync with multiple apps like DropBox, Evernote, Mail, iCloud, etc.
  • Tag patient documents for easy access later.

notebook for nurses
smart notepad


Always use a clean cloth to erase notepad to avoid staining and increase longevity

Have an extra smart notepad on standby in case one gets filled faster than expected and pages were not scanned.


Can I use regular pens on my new reusable notebook

In addition to the pens included with your smart notebook, you may also purchase separately pilot frixion pens.

How do I clean a reusable notebook?

Just use a damp cloth or a heat source like a blow drier to erase your smart notebook pages and keep writing!

This is a smart notebook does it require a battery?

NO batteries are required!

How many times can I erase my notebook?

We’ve seen use cases where our smart notebooks last much longer than the rated 500 erases. But around 500 reuses per page is estimated.

How many pages per book

The A5 has 100 pages and the B5 has 60 pages.

44 reviews for Medical Smart NotePad For Doctors and Nurses! Digitize Note With Doctor Notepads Reusable NoteBook

  1. Carla Reyes

    Get it!

    This notebook is amazing! I’ve been using it for over a week now and I’m totally in love! I really don’t like to carry around a hunch of notebooks, but taking notes is really important to me. I tried using my IPad for my class note taking, but I missed the feeling of writing on paper. This notebook is the perfect compromise! I take my notes, upload them and then erase them! It also helps me take better, prettier notes, since I can write with fancy pens, but erase them as needed.

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  2. Margie

    Heavy handed writer FYI.

    It’s a good product. If you have a heavy hand when you write this may not be the best for you or just be prepared to use the hair dryer for a lot while to erase the ink.

  3. Kelly Andino

    Great notebook!

    LOVE this notebook!! I take so many notes at work that I end up with tons of little note pad that I end up throwing them away. With this, I just erase what I don’t need anymore and reuse it. No mess, no hassel, looks great! Highly suggested! I told my coworkers about it!

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  4. KW

    Use it daily!

    If you care about recycling and reducing waste, this is the notebook for you! If you write, and leave the pen on the paper for an extended amount of time, it will be more effort to remove later. I HIGHLY recommend this for ANYONE that needs to take notes for ANYTHING!

  5. G. A. Lust

    Good notebook to update and change your notes

    This is a good notebook if you plan to have one to continually update and change your notes. I have not used it too much but so far so good

  6. Chris and Melissa Fields

    Great Notebook

    I love this Product! Works as described! I am happy with it.

  7. NO NAME

    Nice Notebook

    The mellow soft pages take the erasable ink and it is easily erasable. It is a nice size and has a few pages in the front with weekly schedules and other blank forms for organization.The instructions tell you to use the FriXion erasable pens from Pilot if you do not want to use the pens included with the notebook, which is a nice hint. This is useful for everyday note-taking when you do not want to use tons of pages.

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  8. KK

    Great note book

    Easy to use. Save the trees. Reusable, erasable. Great product.

  9. Yessi


    I loved using this but the ink does not last very long I wasn’t even half way through the notebook and both pens ran out of ink. If it included more pens or ink I would give this 5 stars. It was so easy to use and I loved how easy it was to erase mistakes.

  10. Bradley.morren


    Amazing and erasable 

  11. Edna A.

    Great for nurses

    I couldn’t stand seeing how much paper gets wasted during change of shift report. This allows my notes to stay organized as well as allows me to save the environment. Everybody wins !!!

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    The planner that I ordered is professional and has a goal plan at the front of the notebook. There is a weekly planner and has about 20 college-ruled paper. It comes with 2 erasable gel pens and plenty of colored divider tabs. I look for to purchasing a few more for classes. 

  13. serious_consumer

    Works like a classic notebook

    This erasable smart notebook has features that other similar products lack and costs less, which makes it a very good buy!

  14. Shecky

    Just as good as the higher priced brands!

    Very happy with the notebook and the pens. The pages are slightly thicker than traditional paper, but study. Pens that were included wrote smoothly—I didn’t find them skipping like some reviewers noticed. I purchased the Frixion pens on a recommendation, but they really weren’t necessary. The pens erase fully, and damp cloth removes any smudges left behind. Super happy with this notebook!!Added note: I scan the pages using “notes” on my phone with no problem. I did not download the app, so cannot comment on how well it does/doesn’t work, but using notes, I’ve been able to organize them with no problem.

  15. AMBadger

    Great for students and for work!

    I am really impressed with this notebook. I have purchased rocket notebooks in the past and they were nice too but very pricey. I love using frixion pens and I’m glad I can use them with my new notebook. As a student and a full time employee I know I will get a great deal of use out of this.

  16. ejabelleza

    Great value for money

    Arrived early. Pleasantly surprised with the quality and the free items. The pen writes well on the paper, and the ink easily erases with damp cloth. Happy with the purchase!

  17. sandy warnock

    Very useful

    This is pretty cool. Working from home, I was shredding important notes, and using a white board. I bought this and its really helpful. I just use a blow dryer to erase the notes when I’m done with them.

  18. edna


    I like how I can reuse the pages over and over again. Using the blow dryer is convenient to warde the writing. The only thing I don’t like is how you can still see the “writing” once you’ve blow-dry the page. I’m guessing that’s how you’ll know it’s time to give it up?

  19. Kim F Smith

    Versatile Notebook for beginning New Ideas.

    I’ve had this eraseable notebook for nearly 2 months now and have reused the pages half a dozen times. I use Adobe Scan to capture and store the pages. (I was using CamScanner)Yes, there is still very faint writing remaining after erasure (see photo) but the ruled lines are still darker and aren’t a problem for note taking.  If you can’t see my old notes in the photo then the Scanner app you use won’t see them either!

    Update!! USe use a wet cloth to erase that erases much better and was in the instructions manual.

  20. Eric C.

    No more shredding.

    I am a therapist and make notes during session. I then have to shred those after I make them a part of the permanent record. No more. I can just erase. I have been using for four business days and am thrilled.

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  21. NJ Lloyd

    Get organized

    Im always taking notes for various things. This notebook is great because it helps organize my notes and i dont loose the pieces of paper i used to use. No more paper wasting. I just use the recommended app when i want to backup to cloud. Im more organized than ever. I recommend this for students or anybody who takes notes. Just use my blow dryer to clear my pages when i have it backed up. Highly recommend.

  22. Amazon Customer

    Best reusable notepad save the planet!

    This notepad exceeded my expectations. I love how easy it is to use it, download your notes, and get rid of the notes, and reuse the pad. I use it at work. I answer phones all day and this way, and I have a digital log of that day’s calls without stopping what I am doing; it takes one second to snap a photo, and you can upload it anywhere you save documents. You can email it to yourself too. It couldn’t get any easier. I will buy more of these as gifts!!

  23. Annette

    Great product!!

    This Reusable Smart Notebook is awesome! It works great! I am lefthanded and can still use it without it smearing in my hand!! It erases easily as well, I have taken a photo of where I have erased it. 

  24. Ciara

    Save the trees!

    Bought this for a journal to write out my frustrations as I am newly diagnosed borderline personality disorder. I also wanted to be able to reuse this and erase what I don’t need after I’m done but keep what I do need to relay to my doctor.

  25. Gloria

    Bought as gifts

    Gifts fir my daughter and daughter-in-law. I really haven’t gotten any feedback

  26. Koda

    Quick Arrival and Easy Instructions!

    I love that the book has a section in the beginning for to-do lists and other writing options. It feels secure to hold and works well for what I want. I am happy with the purchase and would definitely get another one when needed.

  27. Carroll Tibbs

    A must have notebook

    This notebook comes in handy when your clumsy and need to keep your notes or anything dry. The notebook comes with two pens, and sticky note dividers. Highly recommend. After your done with your notes you can scan what you have written in your book and it saves to your photos and they stay dry even if you keep them in the book.

  28. Jennifer McCune

    Awesome purchase

    This is now one of the most used items in my house. My only recommendation is to make sure not to “erase” with a hairdryer if you only need one page erased… it will heat the whole book and erase other pages.

  29. Stephanie Walter


    It has the durability to take the wear and tear of a full time nursing student. It is thick enough that I don’t feel like i’ll run out of room when I am taking notes and it looks professional! Definitely can’t wait to utilize this in my school routine!

  30. David Lynch

    Fantastic for notes, as well as drawings!

    I think a lot of the other reviewers failed to read the product description before purchasing, because this notebook is exactly as expected. This notebook is great for taking notes, and personally I use it more for doodles. The pen leaves a very visible line on the page I’m writing on, no different from a normal notebook. This is also very easy to erase – easier than with a graphite pencil. I have also installed the app that comes with it and it is very easy to scan the page and store my notes on my phone. I would recommend this notebook for someone who makes a lot of mistakes (like myself) but still prefers to use a pen for a more clean look. 

  31. Ramiro Adame

    Awesome product. Very high quality.

    Recieved my smart notebook today and I got to say, I’m very impressed with the quality of the pages. My only complaint is that I would have liked to have the QR code on the bottom of the page but that really isn’t an issue.I bought this notebook to use for work so I really hope it holds up to the the construction industry and ruggedness of the job but so far it seems great.

    16 people found this helpful

  32. kloe

    Cool Notebook

    I like the ease of use and free pens. Excellent customer service and product!

  33. Stephanie

    Pages don’t last

    Light use for a couple months and after you write and erase for the first time, the pen never writes as smoothly as the first time on a new page. Useless after you write on it for the first time.

  34. McFly

    Note Taking Game Changer

    If you are still burning through paper notebooks you need to get one of these!Reusable notebooks are a great way to reduce your paper waste and for students it is helpful to only need this one notebook for any or all classes.It does feel like a regular notebook though so be careful of handling and wear and tear. They provided 2 erasable pens, but I bought the pilot frixion pens to go with it since I’m used to them from prior use with my other notepad.  I would just like to emphasize how useful the concept of a smart notebook is and would recommend that you try it out and see if it works for you. Or if you know someone in need of a gift, just get them this!P.s. DON’T GET THIS WET OR LEAVE IN YOUR CAR DURING THE SUMMER!!!

    10 people found this helpful

  35. Ms T

    Now you see it now you dont.

    This book is awesome and I love the pens that came with it.

  36. Teresa Nicole Huckaby

    Great item

    Great product would buy again

  37. Mechnugget

    Teaching my kids to take notes

    I like this since it’s reusable, I can get the kids out of the habit of saving every scrap of paper, but also teach them good note taking skills.

  38. Tara Mynatt

    Awesome notebook

    This notebook is great! Quality of the product is fantastic. Very smooth writing and easy to erase. Will be buying in different sizes.

  39. Anj

    Five Stars – First Impressions

    First impressions – So excited! I bought one for myself and one for my friend at work because we have been going through an incredible amount of paper as we both make a ton of to-do lists. Can’t wait to give it to her! I think this is such a great idea!I was thrilled with the price point.The notebook comes with two pens and some small flags to make the pages with. There is a section for plans, a weekly schedule, a calendar etc. There are 10.5 lined pages and 10 dotted grid pages.To the touch, the notebook paper feels pretty close to regular paper. The pen feels a bit strange on the paper but that’s to be expected. Erasing almost felt like wiping a white board, if that makes sense? I will try to update this review after I have some more time to try this notebook out, but based on first impressions, I give it 5 stars. 🙂

  40. Kerra

    LOVE this notebook!!!

    I am very satisfied with the notebook. The price and quality are amazing. The pen writes perfectly, the eraser doesn’t leave a single mark behind and I love that it comes with two pens. I plan on buying many more in different sizes and lots of accessories to go with them! 

  41. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use, saves time and paper

    I use it everyday as I fill in and take of my todo lists. I write down notes as I work on projects and map things out and when I am done with a section just wipe it clean.

  42. Kindle Customer

    Works great for less

    I love this notebook because it’s environmentally friendly. I am old school and like to write stuff down. Will get more for my family for the holidays!

  43. Merritt Wiley

    As Expected

    Very good buy. Durable, functional and good quality 

  44. Jasmine H.

    Great Product!

    I just received this reusable notebook yesterday and I’m so excited to use it! I love that it came with 2 pens. I write notes for work all the time so it will be nice to save the environment paper-wise and also have everything stored online. I’m left-handed and it doesn’t smear. That’s a high point in my book!

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