High-Quality Minimal Steel Closet Space Organizer (6 Pack)

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Strong, Minimal and Effective! This space saving Universal Metal Clothes Closet Organizer is an essential part of a cluttered wardrobe. Store your clothes in 3 Dimensions.

Capacity:6 Hangers Vertically, 12 Horizontally
Size: 26 * 7.5 cm
Material: Stainless Steel

Stay Organized!

Space savings will vary depends on the type of clothes

Save Space!

  • Solid: Made of stainless steel strong enough to support your winter attire and more!
  • Functional: Store and classifiy your collection (see the before and after).
  • Smooth: Polished stainless steel finish with smooth edges to stop snagging of clothes.
  • Flexible: Up to 270 degree rotation on both end hooks

Organize Like a Pro

Store and classify your collection like a pro! Separate your winter and summer clothes or just color code your wardrobe.

Use the Space Organizer in one of two ways. Attach both hooks to store horizontally (up to 12 hangers per organizer) or disconnect and store vertically (6 hangers) saving spacing while looking classy.

Tidy the Clutter!

Take a cluttered mess and reduce it into something manageable.

The new larger hook fits even the widest of wardrobe bars. Also, the hanger holder fits most standard thickness hanger hooks (metal or plastic) see image below.


What is it made of?

Stainless steel, unlike the plastic lookalikes.

Can I use plastic hangers with this?

Yes, you can most round plastic hanger hooks fit. If unsure measure your hanger width and make sure it is less than 1 centimeter.

How many am I getting?

There are 6 per pack.

What is the maximum weight?

Up to 30 pounds.

5 reviews for High-Quality Minimal Steel Closet Space Organizer (6 Pack)

  1. Win Win

    These have transformed my closet , along with thinner hangers, into an adult space. I can actually see what I have and my clothes are not as wrinkled from being jammed together.. An unexpected bonus is that, since I can see at a glance what is,in there, I have been able to inventory and discard things that I do not wear often: and I have found goodies that I had forgotten. Win/Win.

    High-Quality Minimal Steel Closet Space Organizer (6 Pack)
  2. Ricardo

    I have a very small closet and a lot of clothes. The first pieces of clothes I used this devices with was the winter clothes that I barely use since I live in Florida. After that I used it on my regular jackets that do take a lot of space and then I started with the rest of my shirts / jerseys. I used them all and regain a lot of space on the right side of my closet!

  3. Toni

    This was perfect for our small closet I couldn’t be happier. I share a closet with my husband and this made a huge difference in space

    High-Quality Minimal Steel Closet Space Organizer (6 Pack)
  4. Kelly

    Super space saver, if your struggling for wardrobe space and want to organise your clothes better these are super. You can easily batch together dresses or same coloured shirts etc together on these and drop them down to create more room in your wardrobe. You can wait her stack 6 items or double them up and stack 12 although when you drop 12 down it obviously sticks out further. My only complaint is that they send them to you with the end hooks hooked into the hanger slots, it is sooooo hard to get them out so you can actually use them as the metal doesn’t bend, I found it best to have the hook facing you and pull it forward Really hard and past the metal to release it. I will definitely recommend these to friends and family as only work out £2 per hanger. I purposely went for ones made completely of metal as could see all the plastic version breaking eventually under the weight of multiple items hanging. It doesn’t work well with plastic hook hangers as too thick to slot in the well, metal hooked hangers are best

  5. Sarah

    Bought these to try out as space savers within our wardrobes. A little tricky getting them “open” to use for the first time but once you’ve done that they are obvious as to how to use and they do exactly as intended. Still easy to see your garments – the only thing to remember is that items hang much lower than if simply on the rail themselves so if you have a lower rail in your wardrobe or anything that is stored from the floor up (boxes/bags/shoes etc) your clothes won’t hang properly.

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