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Laptop Bed Trays: Adjustable Laptop Tray for Beds or Desk


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Height: Variable
Color: Black
Type: Adjustable 360 degrees
  • Material: Aluminum and Plastic
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs
  • Angles: Full 360 degrees any configuration
  • Weight Support: Easily 55.1 lbs or more
  • Dimension: 16.5″x10.2″/42x26cm

The ultimate addition to your work-from-home solution. Configure your laptop at literally any angle using this adjustable 360 degrees laptop bed desk tray. Works in the bed, couch, table, sofa, or even from directly on the ground. Stable and easily configurable to your comfort level.

Laptop Bed Tray Description

Laptop Bed Tray FAQ

Laptop Bed Tray Size

Laptop Bed Desk Trays!


The Laptop Bed tray Supports more than 50 pounds weight far more than your hand and a laptop/ tablet.


Nonstick surface for your laptop or other devices. Configurable spacers to keep your device

  • Up to 9 standard configurations. Almost infinite more in nonstandard.
  • Use in any location around the home. Bringing a new definition to work from home.
  • Bed, Sofa, Desktop, Ground

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Adjustable Laptop Bed Tray

Up to nine (9) different configurable arrangements to ensure the comfort of you and your device. Adjust to keep your hands at the optimum level.

Each of the three (3) adjustment nobs can rotate full 360 degrees. Your comfort is inevitable!

adjustable laptop bed stand

High-Quality Bed Desk for Laptop

This bed desk riser supports over 50 pounds.

Made of a strong aluminum alloy to support your everyday use.

You may adjust the stand for maximum support in any of its configurations.

adjustable laptop bed stand
Laptop Tray for Bed


Pair this laptop bed tray with a work-from-home hand brace if you are experience wrist fatigue or pain.


Why even use a Laptop bed Tray?

Working at a desk offers many supportive features that are often gone overlooked. Such as a chair that configures to the height of the desk. An adjustable monitor to keep your viewing at eye level and your neck upright. Keeping your wrist straight to avoid early-onset carpal tunnel syndrome.

With an adjustable laptop bed tray, you can configure your laptop to the perfect height.

Will this stop my laptop from overheating?

If your computer only overheats when on the bed this will prevent that from happening. There are vents where your computer will be placed but most importantly it is a flat surface that allows your computer’s fans to work as they should. There is no need for an external fan.

Can I rest my hands on this laptop bed stand?

This laptop bed tray supports more than 50 pounds. It can take your laptop, your hands, and your cat!