NUFuse – Tea Infuser Bottle: Anti Scalding, Double Layer Glass With Cup

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Our Transparent Double Insulated Borosilicate Glass Tea Infuser Bottle Enhances the natural taste of tea while keeping your tea hot but remaining cool to the touch. Just flip to Infuse and flip again to enjoy your beverage at any time. We packaged the NuFuse in a Beautiful Crafted Gift Box for yourself or a loved one!

What’s In The Box

✔️ 450 ml (15oz) NUFuse Infuser
✔️ Sleeve

NUFuse: Portable Tea Infuser Bottle!

steps for tea infuser

How to Use

  1. Place your tea leaves (or other substance) in the infuser cup.
  2. Screw in the cover into the infuser cup.
  3. Then screw on the double wall insulated bottle with hot water into the opposite end of the cover.
  4. To steep turn bottle upside down and steep for the desired time.
  5. Then flip it over and enjoy!
  6. Just unscrew the middle textured strainer and drink from the insulated infuser bottle.

Simple Yet Effective

The NUFuse tea infuser bottle is made from 3 simple parts the filter, cap, and double-layer bottle with a leather strap.

Separate leaves and water by simply inverting the bottle to avoid any overly saturated bitter tea.

Can also be used to infuse fruit and many other substances.

tea infuser bottle

Elegant, practical, and cool to the touch, the NUWave Tea Infuser bottle is guaranteed to be a show stopper on any desk.

Made from natural Lead-free Borosilicate Glass one of the best materials to maintain and enhance the taste of your tea. No need to wait for the tea to seep just load up your infuser and be on your way!

Of course, you are not limited to tea. You may use cold brew coffee, fruits, other loose leaves, ice tea and so much more…

Our Stainless Steel filter is guaranteed to last for hundreds of infuses. While still remaining leakproof, separation ready, and easy to maintain.


Can I use this Tea Infuser Bottle for other substances?

Of Course, you can, the sky is the limit! Commonly used substances are fruits, vegetables, coffee, and of course tea leaves.r have you had to pay for the dreaded port repair because of a strained charging port?

No more damaged ports as our magnetic cables disconnect automatically on angled pressure. Thanks to this simple, yet innovative magnetic design, our braided shielding provides extra durability and protection.

Will the NUFuse get hot?

Our doubly insulated glass walls will keep your tea hot for hours while reducing sweating and remaining warm to the touch.

NB – The Cup (top of the NUFuse) is not insulated so it can get hot.

Is this BPA Free?

Our Tea Infuser is made of Borosilicate Glass therefore there is no BPA in it. We choose glass because it enhances the natural flavor of the tea.

Will this leak?

There is a rubber gasket in between the infuser material and the double insulated wall to ensure no dripping.

Is this dishwasher safe?

Yes, it is.

9 reviews for NUFuse – Tea Infuser Bottle: Anti Scalding, Double Layer Glass With Cup

  1. Giftastic

    Bought this for my hubby. He loves it takes it to work every morning and the gift box is so nice we still keep it around

  2. Tashy

    I wish they’d made these years ago. The first thing is that the glass doesn’t stain the way plastic does. Tea even stains my white cups but comes right off the clear glass. I like that I can store my loose tea in the top and just use when I choose to. Easy to clean – not too small for my hand!

  3. Wong

    I put a thermos of hot water, a cup, and this infuser on my desk in the morning. Keeps me in gong fu style brewing all morning. It is quite perfect for this.

    I do wish the holes in the strainer were a bit smaller as for some teas some leaf gets through. But a small issue not taking away any rating points.

    Plus, the price is great. I’ve seen similar ones for twice as much.

  4. In Love

    I’m in love with this bottle! I’m an avid tea drinker, budding herbalist, and own a start up tea company. I have been through tons of bottles and methods of brewing tea. I highly recommend if you’re new to loose leaf tea, save yourself the money! It’s just satisfying to watch. Just be mindful if your tea/ herb is small enough to fit through the holes and if it’s something you’d mind sipping if it does go through. I don’t mind it personally. My only complaint (more of a request lol) they need to sell bigger bottles! Lol, honestly… the bottle is the perfect size.

  5. OOlong Connoisseur

    I waited a while to write this review to see how well it would hold up. I’ve owned other glass tea jars similar to this, and broken every one, often just by bumping them against something. After two months of constant use, this one is still going strong!

  6. Dario

    Extremely useful 10/10!

  7. Nancy

    I was thrilled with the quality of the infuser. Nice thick glass, stainless strainer, easy to open and close. It looks sleek and modern, allows me to make as much or as little tea as I want. The ability to to keep the loose tea separate and even make more later is nice. Now I can take fresh tea with me any where without the fuss and mess.

  8. Awesome Gift

    A good way to brew gongfu on the go

    ** edited to add
    When filling with hot water – leave yourself about 1.5 inches below the rim. That way when you place it right side up before opening, you don’t spray yourself with boiling hot water. Rookie move on my part, but felt it’s worth sharing

  9. Ashley

    The separation method of this bottle’s strainer is awesome! Other tea bottles you have to remove a hot mesh dish and the cap, which is usually messy. The separate chamber in this bottle makes removing the tea after steeping clean and easy. Unlike some reviewers, I haven’t had issues with sealing so far and the heat given off isn’t too bad. Well worth the purchase price.

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