NUWisk™: Electric Protein Shaker Bottle

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In a hurry? Just NuWisk and Go! Properly blend protein powder, pre-workout, even eggs just before or during your workouts. Add in your ingredients, press the button, do a set and drink! Or just mix in the car. This electric protein shaker bottle is a multipurpose and multifunctional blender for the gym, home or car.
Sizes:600 ml 15 OZ / 450 ml 20 OZ
Height:23 cm / 20 cm
Color: Clear & Silver
Base:Stainless Steel
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The NuWISK is the ultimate addition to your gym bag! Durable and powerful, this electric shaker bottle will mix all your liquids and powders within 20 seconds. Barely enough time for you to rotate into another exercise! BPA-free with a stainless steel base and spill-resistant, the NuWISK electric blender bottle is designed to last a long time while remaining safe and functional.

The NuWISK – A BPA Free Electric Protein Shaker

Shaker Electric Mixer

A Powerful revolution mixer with a secure, strong, and safe gym bottle design featuring a sports-style cap for quick access.

Our Lid is made with a leak-proof rubber gasket giving you the confidence to walk with it in your gym bag.

The NuWISK will last over a week with daily automatic use on a full charge.

Includes a ml and OZ scale to ensure accurately measured supplement mix.

Mix All Your Gym Liquids

The NuWisk electric shaker bottle is highly suitable for mixing powdered supplements. Including but not limited to:

  • Protein Powder
  • Pre and Post Workout Formulas
  • Meal Replacments
  • Diet Shakes

Also works well with every day foods and beverages

Such as juices, cocktails, milkshakes even baby formula or pancake batter.

Protein Electric Portable Mixer
Electric Protein Shaker

It’s Quick… Like Really Quick!

Our Highly engineered automatic shaker bottle blade spins at over 10,00RPM to ensure completing mixing of your liquids with high torque.

Fully mixes your shakes within <7 seconds!

Even cleaning is fast! Just fill with water and dish soap and mix for a couple of seconds.

You may wash using a dishwasher but REMOVE the motor base before inserting it into the dishwasher.

  • Sizes: 450ml: 20×8.5x6cm(7.87×3.35×2.36in); 600ml: 23×8.5x6cm(9.06×3.35×2.36in)
  • BPA free AS + PP shaker/ mixer with a silver stainless steel base
  • One button operation.
  • Seal proof lid with rubber gasket .
  • Charges with a Micro USB cable which is included
  • Built in battery provides strong


Do not mix any substance for more than 20 seconds at a time.

Also, always have a liquid inside of your mixer before turning it on.

Do not mix hard substances in your NuWisk. Like ice or solid fruit


Do I need to buy batteries for the NuWisk – Electric Blender Bottle?

No, the NuWIsh comes with a rechargeable battery pack and a USB Cable to charge using your laptop of other chargerCharge for 60 mins for the first charge and then enjoy your device.

Will this make lumpy shakes?

No it will not because of the NuWISK high torque motor. To get the best results add your liquid and turn on the electric protein mixer then add your powder and wait 5 seconds!

How will i know when it is fully charged?

A blue light is displayed when charging. WHen the battery is fully charged the light will turn red then remove the USB cable.

3 reviews for NUWisk™: Electric Protein Shaker Bottle

  1. Customer

    This product works as said – Able to blend peanut butter nice, protein powder, pre work out, also isn’t loud at all as long you have the top on.

  2. Adrienne

    perfect condition, well packed, works great

  3. Lumpless

    Lovely, I’m very pleased! Protein powder mixes well without the formation of lumps.

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