How to Avoid Damaging your Charging Port & Cable – No More Expensive Port Repairs

damaged iPhone charging port

I’ve worked in the tech industry for quite some time now. From website design to computer and cell phone repair and retail. The one problem that none of these devices can escape is a damaged charging port. Tablet, phones, computers none are safe from this dreaded and costly repair. Actually one of my nephew literally damaged his port today (the day of writing the article).

Causes of a damaged cable and charging port

So why does this occur so frequently especially in mobile devices? What do we do more of with these devices?

Quite simply we charge these devices more! The smaller the device the more times we have to charge it which means more inserts and removals to and from the charging port (more on how to make your phone battery last longer ).

frayed iPhone cable from pulling from charging port
frayed unprotected charging cable for iPhone

Doing this multiple times over the lifespan of your device gradually weakens the port. Not to mention the times we forgot we had the device plugged in and ended up pulling it and straining the socket even more.

How to Protect your Charging Cable?

Now we had identified the issue we can solve it!

The solution is a Magnetic USB Charging cable. This cable works in two parts, one ends goes into your device and will ideally never have to be removed. The other end connects to that end magnetically. See video demonstration below.

This solves all of the aforementioned problems.

  • The cables automatically disconnects under too much diagonal pressure. Yet the magnet is strong enough to suspend the phone in midair.
  • The end only needs to be inserted once into your device reducing the amount of inserts overtime.

Choose from one of the cables below and enjoy your longer lasting device.

How to Avoid Damaging your Charging Port & Cable – No More Expensive Port Repairs

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