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8 Tips you Need to Stop Your Phone From getting Hot – Works with Android and iPhone
Heat – heat by definition is the transfer of energy between systems with different temperatures stop phone from overheating Why does your phone get hot? If a device is producing heat, unless it is a blanket warmer, that heat is wasted energy which could be going toward the normal operations of your …
How to Avoid Damaging your Charging Port & Cable – No More Expensive Port Repairs
I've worked in the tech industry for quite some time now. From website design to computer and cell phone repair and retail. The one problem that none of these devices can escape is a damaged charging port. Tablet, phones, computers none are safe from this dreaded and costly repair. Actually one of …
How to extend the life of your phone – iPhone or Android (and make it run faster)
How to make your phone last longer Battery Life The battery is one of the most important parts to your phone. A bad battery can quite literally destroy your phone and there are many many ways to destroy you battery! Overcharging Do not leave your phone charging all day or overnight. Remove …
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